You are currently viewing Infinix Mobile Ethiopia has appointed Mrs. Selam Tesfaye as its image ambassador

Infinix Mobile Ethiopia has appointed Mrs. Selam Tesfaye as its image ambassador

The official Image Ambassador for Infinix Mobile Ethiopia is Mrs. Selam Tesfaye, the business is pleased to announce. Mrs. Selam will represent Infinix Mobile Ethiopia in a number of marketing efforts, promoting the brand’s expansion and strengthening its ties to the Ethiopian market. Mrs. Selam is famous for her talent, charisma, and influence.
Selam Tesfaye has made a name for herself in Ethiopia’s entertainment and cultural industries.

She is well known for her talent, charm, and dedication to providing audiences with engaging experiences, and she is an excellent example of the qualities that align with Infinix Mobile Ethiopia’s values.
“I am thrilled to be connected with a company like Infinix Mobile Ethiopia, known for its commitment to innovation, quality, and customer happiness,” Mrs. Tesfaye said in expressing her excitement for the partnership. We can achieve the brand’s objective of providing Ethiopians with cutting-edge mobile technology while having a big social impact if we work together.

As the Image Ambassador for Infinix Mobile Ethiopia, Mrs. Selam Tesfaye will be working on engaging campaigns, share her valuable insights, and participate in various promotional activities. Her multifaceted talent and influence will contribute to building a strong brand presence across Ethiopia, promoting Infinix Mobile as a desired choice for mobile technology enthusiasts and helping to strengthen customer loyalty.
“We are thrilled to welcome Mrs. Selam Tesfaye as our Image Ambassador. Her dynamic personality, strong presence, and extensive network will undoubtedly enhance our brand visibility and reach in Ethiopia,” said Mr. Eamon …., Brand Manager of Infinix Mobile Ethiopia. “We are confident that Mrs. Tesfaye’s association with Infinix Mobile will resonate strongly with our target audience, increasing brand recognition and driving our mission to provide innovative mobile solutions to our customers.

The product series of Infinix Mobile consists of a wide range of smartphones that cater to various customer needs and preferences. The company offers different models within each series, aiming to provide options for different price points and feature requirements.
One of the popular series by Infinix Mobile is the “Hot” series, which focuses on providing state-of-the-art smartphones with impressive specifications and features. These devices usually come with a large display, powerful processors, ample storage, and an impressive camera system.
Another notable series by Infinix Mobile is the “Note” series, which primarily targets users looking for larger displays and enhanced productivity. These smartphones offer a bigger screen size, higher RAM capacity, and a larger battery to support heavy usage. The Note series often emphasizes camera capabilities and stylus support, making them suitable for users who need to take notes, multitask, or engage in content creation.
Infinix Mobile also offers a premium series known as the “Zero” series. These devices come with high-end specifications, top-notch performance, and cutting-edge features. The Zero series smartphones typically boast flagship-level processors, impressive camera systems, vibrant displays, and large battery capacities. These devices are designed for users who seek advanced features and optimal performance without breaking the bank.
Apart from these series, Infinix Mobile also introduces special models, limited editions, and partnerships with celebrities or fashion brands to captivate specific market segments. They often incorporate unique design elements, exclusive color variations, or additional accessories to attract consumers who want a distinct smartphone experience.

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