Is Yohannes Sahle the next Ethiopian Football Technical Director?

Back to the Ethiopian Premier League after one year absence and five matches into the new season as Hadiya-Hossana Head Coach Yohannes Sahle resigned from his post due to family problems. But insiders disclosed that the real cause for his walkout after spending millions in the winter transfer window is to fill the recently vacated Ethiopian Football Technical Director’s seat.
Yohannes is said to be the clear favorite to be named the next Technical Director of Ethiopian Football in place of Daniel G/Mariam who
requested asylum from his second in two months visit to US America. It is recalled that Daniel’s predecessor has also fled home to seek asylum in America. “If you want USA visa, be a Technical Directo” is the latest joke among football fans.  

According to unofficial sources, Yohannes was tipped off from the Federation to resign in time to apply for the Technical Director position. Though he stood third when Daniel got the appointment, it appears the Federation is looking for someone who cares less for an American passport. Despite being an American citizen Yohannes never travelled back to America since his first return a dozen years back.

Previously a national team coach only to quit after a short while following a dispute with Football Federation, Yohannes had served as head coach with different clubs; Dedebit, Mekele Ketema, Adigrat University, Deredawa Ketema and helped Mechal to promotion before he took a one year sabbatical. According to critics, lack of communication with Footballers  as well as subordinates is the main cause for Yohannes’ travel into a number of teams with some just for brief stay.

Five matches as Hadiya-Hossana new boss, Yohannes left the team 13th on the league table.Two defeats and three draws including a goalless draw with bottom of the table Shashemene, many speculated that Yohannes’ time at Hossana was limited.

If the insiders story turned true, Yohannes would be the first ever Technical Director who passed through everything football.

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