Issyas Re-elected as Ethiopian Football Federation President

ADDIS ABABA – Issays Jira has been re-elected as President the Ethiopia Football Federation (EFF).

The vote for the EFF President took place at the General Assembly of the Federation on Sunday.

Three candidates, the incumbent Issays, Melaku Fenta and Tokicha Alemayehu, were vying for the top position at the football governing body of Ethiopia.

Members of the assembly elected the President with a majority vote on the second day of their annual meeting, currently taking place at the UN- ECA conference center.

Issays has received 94 of the 137 votes.

Melaku came out second with 27 votes while Tokicha Alemayehu secured 17 votes.

Accordingly, Issays has retained his position to continue to lead the Football Federation for additional four years.

He will be deputised by Dr. Dagnachew Nigeru who was elected to serve as vice president of the Federation.

The assembly has also held two consecutive elections to fill in its nine member executive committee, beginning with a vote for three spots reserved for women.

Habiba Siraj from Addis Ababa, Fiza Reshad from Somali Region and Bizuayehu Jemberu of Dire Dawa elected into the committee.

Finally, the assembly went on to fill in the remaining six spots at the executive committee.

Murad Abdi of Harari, Adisu Kamiso of Sidama, Sherefa Dilicho of SNNPR, Ujulu Aday of Gambella, Dagnachew Nigeru of Amhara and Aser Ibrahim of Benishangul filled in the remaining six spots. 

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