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Itel Mobile’s “Love Always” Initiative Strengthens Education in Ethiopia

Itel announced the launch of its newest CSR initiative, Love Always in Ethiopia, which provided assistance and resources to the local Muday humanitarian organisation, which is in charge of more than 500 students. Various school and hygiene goods totaling more than 500,000 Birr were part of the assistance.

Both the brand manager for itel Ethiopia and the founder and president of the Muday Charitable Association, Muday Mitiku, were present at the ceremony, which was conducted on the association’s land.

The event marked a significant turning point in itel’s commitment to assisting society and enhancing underserved areas.

As part of its Love Always CSR initiative, Itel aims to improve educational standards since it recognises their importance in creating overall welfare and empowering the future generation.

As part of their dedication to encouraging education, Itel presented a variety of instructional materials to the Muday Charitable Association’s students to enhance their educational experience.

These materials include textbooks, and stationery sets among otheritems providing students with the necessary tools to thrive academically.

In addition to educational support, itel is committed to improving the hygienic conditions in communities.

The Love Always CSR initiative also included the donation of a range of hygiene materials. These items, such as soap, hand sanitizers, and liquid shops, will play a crucial role in promoting proper hygiene practices among students and staff, particularly in the current global health climate.

itel Ethiopia’s brand Manager Mr. Eamon Jia expressed gratitude to the Muday Charitable Association for their unwavering dedication to providing education and care to underserved communities. The support by itel to Muday Charitable Association is a testament to their shared vision of improving lives and creating a better future for all.

Muday Mitiku, founder and president of the Muday Charitable Association, expressed sincere appreciation for the generosity and support extended by itel.

She emphasized the transformative impact that these resources will have on the lives of the students, stating, “Education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty. With itel’s support, we can now provide better learning opportunities and create a brighter future for our children.”

The Love Always CSR initiative by itel showcases the brand’s commitment to social responsibility and dedication to making a positive difference in communities worldwide. itel continues to set an example for businesses by actively participating in philanthropic endeavors that help empower those in need.

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