Joint Committee Outlining Plan to Disarm Combatants in Tigray

ADDIS ABABA – A joint committee of the Federal government and TPLF have begun outlining a detailed plan for the disarmament of armed combatants in the Tigray regional state.

The Technical Planning Joint Committee was mandated to outline the disarmament as per the Pretoria Peace Agreement. 

in a statement today, the Government Communication Service said the joint committee that assumed its functions on Wednesday has convened in Shire town.

“The committee consisting of members from the Federal Government and Tigray Armed Combatants is expected to finalize its duties in the coming few days,” reads the statement.

The committee’s detailed plan is envisaged to address the issues of disarmament and other related matters, the GCS added.

The committee assumed its mandate nearly a month after the signing of the peace deal and weeks after the declaration on the implementation.

The peace deal schedules the disarmament to take place one month after it is signed, while the implementation deal states the disarmament to be done “concurrently with the withdrawal of foreign troops”.

The federal government said technical factors are the reasons for the delay in planning the disarmament process.

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