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Medical Tourism-Why Dubai Is the Best Medical Destination?

Medical Tourismrefers to people traveling abroad for the purpose of receiving medical treatment. Previously, this usually referred to those who traveled from less developed countries to major medical centers in highly developed countries for treatment unavailable at home. However, in recent years it may equally refers to those from developed countries who travel to developing countries for lower-priced medical treatments. Health tourism is a wider term for travel that focuses on medical treatments and the use of the health care services. It covers a wide field of health-oriented tourism ranging from preventive and health-conductive treatment to rehabilitation and curative forms of travel.
In recent years Dubai has become a popular destination for medical tourism. There are the best healthcare facilities and highly skilled medical professionals for medical tourism in Dubai.
How good is Dubai for medical tourism?
Dubai is at first position amongst the top medical destinations in the Arab region and 6th in the world. With the city ranking at 5th globally on the sub-index of quality of facilities and services. Dubai is becoming a very popular destination for medical tourism worldwide as it has modern technology, best doctors and good facilities. so, Dubai is one of the best destinations for medical tourism.
Why is Dubai famous for medical tourism?
The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) regulates the Dubai healthcare system as a whole. All healthcare facilities and professionals follow strict standards of quality and safety so as to ensure high-quality medical treatment.
Dubai is home to a large number of top-notch medical facilities and highly qualified medical staff who can carry out a variety of medical treatments. 
In Dubai, the following medical operations are among the most commonly performed.
Cosmetic surgery, dental treatments, fertility treatments (IVF), orthopedics surgery, ophthalmic-eye procedures, cancer treatments including radiosurgery, neurological, cardiac treatment and so much more for medical tourism.  Dubai has made investments in the latest medical technology and tools. Which makes it a desired location for patients looking for medical treatments.
Medical tourists can easily travel to Dubai thanks to its strong flight connections to major cities around the world, including our continent in particular from Addis Ababa.
Mohamed Al Mheiri, Director of Health Tourism Department at the DHA explained that there are more than 52 internationally accredited Hospitals, and more than 56000 licensed healthcare professionals from 120 nationalities speaking 63 languages in the medical sector. He added that “People around the world, no matter their race, religion, or country of origin, deserve the best medical health care services. Dubai is committed to providing this with a reasonable and patient-centered care approach.  As per African countries’ data from DHA, Nigeria, Ethiopia, South Africa, Kenya, and Ghana are listed in the top five countries in the number of medical travelers to Dubai.

What can we learn from Dubai in this sector?
Independent consultant Ben Girma once wrote in his article ‘Medical Tourism in Ethiopia: Flying for your life’ stated that ‘…despite the stress patients and their families go through, medical tourism is a viable alternative. He advises Ethiopia among other steps, licensing agents to deter scammer hospitals and agents to do business, thereby preserving the well-being of the citizenry. And the other step involves incentivizing reputable international hospitals to come to Ethiopia and set up branches. Ultimately this solves the two critical issues with health care provisions in the country. First, it injects competition at the level of both price and quality of care.

Secondly, it has the capacity to reduce the chronic exodus of high-caliber doctors and medical professionals via a creation of better employment conditions.’
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