Moha resumes production after four-month closure, implements leadership changes amidst allegations of corruption

By Eyasu Zekarias

Moha Soft Drinks, owned by Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Ali Al-‘Amoudi, had resumed its production after four months of closure. Moha has now been reported that production has resumed in all its facilities located at Gotera, Summit, and regional cities. However, its Teklehaimanot branch did not start production.

The halt in production was initially attributed to a shortage of foreign currency for importing raw materials. However, our sources suggest that corruption within the company was also a contributing factor that kept it away from the market.

Sources indicate that during the period of production suspension, Moha had been distributing previously manufactured soft drinks. The recent restart of production is said to be possible due to the availability of raw materials that were imported by air transport.

However, sources reveal that the production has not yet fully commenced as further raw materials are need to be imported.

Moha Soft Drinks, which began operations on May 15, 1996, with a paid-up capital of 108,654,000 Birr, has recently undergone significant changes in its leadership. The general manager, management staff, financial experts, and leaders responsible for the company’s substantial financial losses have been abruptly removed from their positions and replaced with new leaders.

According to our sources, the dismissed leaders were involved in irregularities such as paying salaries on behalf of retired or deceased former employees who were not part of the organization.

Jamal Ahmed, CEO of MIDROC and Chairman of the Board of Moha Soft Drinks, appointed a new interim CEO two weeks ago.

Getachew Birbo, who had been managing the company for over 30 years, has been replaced by Ammanuel Muhe.

It has been reported that the leaders who resigned from their positions admitted to granting unwarranted salary increases and subsidies to employees for three years.

Moha, known for its popular soft drink brands such as Pepsi, Mirinda Orange, 7-Up, Miranda Tonic, Miranda Apple, and Cool water products, holds a significant market share in the Ethiopian soft drinks industry.

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