You are currently viewing News: Global Eritrean opposition movement ‘Birged Nhamedu’ set foot in Ethiopia’s Tigray region

News: Global Eritrean opposition movement ‘Birged Nhamedu’ set foot in Ethiopia’s Tigray region

Global Popular Front of Eritrea, known as Birged Nhamedu

Addis Abeba – The Global Popular Front of Eritrea, known as Birged Nhamedu, has taken a stand against the dominant ruling party, the People’s Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ), within the Eritrean regime. Recently, the group held its first discussion in Adigrat, a city in the Tigray region of Ethiopia, to strategize ways to strengthen its movement.

The global head of Birged Nhamedu, Kibreab Kiros, informed Addis Standard that the Popular Front is currently engaging in various activities worldwide, including in Europe, America, Australia, and Israel, with the ultimate goal of removing the oppressive Eritrean regime and ensuring the safety of its people and the country.

Following protests in Europe, Birged Nhamedu quickly gained momentum globally. As part of this youth movement, discussions were held in Adigrat City, although the global administration was informed about it late, as stated by Kibreab. He also emphasized that the front’s efforts would not be limited to the diaspora, even though they originated there.

According to Kibreab, Birged Nhamedu is committed to a practical struggle as the Eritrean regime has shown little interest in meaningful discussions. “The youth have been forced to oppose the Eritrean government, which promotes war and social hate propaganda.”

The group was established in 2022 after a pro-government cultural group called Walta arrived in Europe and nearby regions, thereby providing opportunities for the regime to raise funds from the diaspora. Eritrean youths demanding justice initiated the struggle to disrupt the regime’s fundraising structure, which has now spread worldwide, according to Kibreab.

An anonymous member of Birged Nhamedu in Adigrat informed Addis Standard that the recent discussion primarily focused on ways to strengthen and legitimize the Popular Front. The member stated, “We have been fighting against the Eritrean regime using various methods for several years to resist the dictatorship. This is one of the movements we have undertaken. Our goal is to dismantle the regime and establish a new system in Eritrea that ensures fundamental development in areas such as education, healthcare, and freedom.”

On 17 September, 2023, Al Jazeera reported that over 200 Eritrean opposition supporters were arrested in Germany after violence erupted during a cultural festival organized by the supporters of Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki in the city of Stuttgart. Similar clashes had previously occurred at an Eritrean festival in the city of Giessen, also in Germany, leaving 22 police officers injured.

Additionally, a violent confrontation between Eritrean government supporters and opponents took place in Tel Aviv, Israel, in early September, leading to one of the most intense street confrontations involving African asylum seekers and migrants in recent memory. Many individuals have fled Eritrea for Europe, claiming mistreatment by Eritrean government. AS

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