O Shashemenie! -By Fikre Mariam Workneh

My heart is broken, it is in a deep grief indeed

My tears are pouring on my face, I am crying aloud

Morning the destruction of your property, your injured and dead

O Shashemenie, I am so sorry about what happened!


Like a falling tree whose roots are exposed

Like a building that is shattered by strong storm and wind

Like an overflown river that is destroying a land

You left your children unsafe and unprotected

You left your children homeless, scattered all over as far as an eye can see and beyond

O Shashemenie, I am so sorry about what happened!


In the grip of inter-ethnic violence, there is no room for brotherhood and sisterhood

No one can predict what the future will hold

The nightmare will not end till people are awakened and come to understand

What they witnessed was cruel and real, not a dream that has gone bad

O Shashemenie, I am so sorry about what happened!


I beg you all Ethiopians to be Ethiopia’s good shepherd and her guardian

For the sake of the future of our children and grandchildren.

We are fellow brothers and sisters of the same flesh and blood

We are the descendants of generations that tilled the same land

Our rich and unique history must always be kept and upheld.


And to you, Shashemenie, I say, heal your wounds and pain

Show us that the tears, fear, and despair of your children will not be in vain

Rebuild your homes, buildings, and schools destroyed for the wrong reason

Show us that you are resilient, persistent, patient and have a great determination

That you will come back stronger and shine, even brighter, again!

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