Over 465 Aid Trucks Entered Tigray so far, but only 38 returned:MoP

ADDIS ABABA – A total of 466 aid trucks carrying food and non-food items entered the Tigray Region, but only 38 returned so far, said the Peace Ministry on Friday.

“The Government urges an immediate return of these trucks,” said the ministry in a statement.

The issue was raised during the discussion the Peace Minister Muferiat Kamil held with representatives of United Nations and other international aid agencies, engaged in aid provision in Tigray , on Wednesday.

The minister said responsible humanitarian organizations should have the trucks return to the center immediately and debrief on the situation, reported the FBC.

The whereabouts of the trucks and why they have not returned back from the region are still unknown.

The United Nations country team in Ethiopia confirmed the no show of most of the aid trucks, describing the issue as “concerning”.

“None of the 149 trucks in the convoy that reached Mekelle last week returned. Only 38 out of 466 trucks that entered Tigray since 12 July returned,” the UN said in a brief message posted on twitter.

“We need trucks to deliver lifesaving assistance to people in Tigray,” said the UN.

In areas where the government does not operate, government’s humanitarian partners are responsible for providing humanitarian assistance.

According to the Ministry, the government has been undertaking a series of amendments in consultation with aid agencies to facilitate aid cargo movement, and reduced the number of checkpoints to only two.

Apart from the 149 aid trucks entering the region in three rounds in the past week, the government provided clearance to the European Union to transport medical aid to the region in three rounds.

Currently, “there is no single aid truck parked on the road to Tigray,” the Ministry said.

To date, 466 aid trucks carrying food and non-food items including medicines have entered the Tigray Region, but only 38 returned, the statement concluded.


Featured Image: Aid trucks delivering humanitarian support to the Tigray regional state [Photo File/Photo]

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