PM Abiy Holds Talks with UK Foreign Secretary

ADDIS ABABA – Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Thursday held talks with United Kingdom Foreign Secretary James Cleverly on current issues.

Abiy and James held their discussion in Hawassa city where the Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Day was celebrated today.

“In addition to current issues, the discussions also focused on enhanced bilateral ties between the two countries,” the Office of the Prime Minister said.

The Foreign Secretary’s visit follows the announcement of a peace agreement between the federal Government and the TPLF, mediated by the African Union.

In a tweet later, the Foreign Secretary appreciated PM Abiy for “the warm welcome to Ethiopia.”

“One month on from the peace settlement, Ethiopia can rely on the UK’s full support for lasting peace,” James said.

He has seen trucks set off in Semera to deliver aid to parts of Ethiopia affected by drought and conflict, following peace deal and the reopening of humanitarian routes.

Over 1 million Ethiopians have been supported since April 2021 with £90 million of UK aid, according to the Foreign Secretary office.

And now the UK is preparing to provide further support for Ethiopia’s peace process and longer term reforms to promote peace, justice and economic reform, the Office added.

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