PM Gives 72-hour Ultimatum for TPLF Leaders to Surrender

ADDIS ABEBA –  Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has issued a three-day ultimatum for leadership of Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and its militias to surrender peacefully as the law enforcement operation in northern region of Ethiopia entered its “final phase”.

Federal troops are now closing in on Mekelle city where TPLF forces are based, after they have taken control of Edega town on Sunday.

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“The law enforcement operation has now reached the third and crucial phase,” said Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

According to government, the first phase of the operation managed to strengthen and re-mobilise the national defense force in the region, which was the subject of deadly attack by the TPLF forces on November 4,  while the second step limited the TPLF forces to Mekelle city.

Prime Minister Abiy said the third phase would be “the final step in bringing the treasonous TPLF clique to justice”, which he said “requires a great deal of wisdom, caution and patience”.

Prime Minister Abiy said the final chapter of the operation will be carried out “in a way that results in minimum damages and casualties”.

A 72-hours long ultimatum given for Tigray’s forces and militias to surrender and avoid distractions, the PM said in a statement issued on Monday.

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