PM Inaugurates Talent Development School for Tech Savvy Students

ADDIS ABABA – A talent development academy for tech savvy and science enthusiast students has been inaugurated in central Ethiopian town of Burayu.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has officially opened the Burayu Talent Development School on Thursday along with regional and federal government officials.

The PM Office said the school is built in a such way that students can improve their technological skills without interrupting their regular education.

It hosts dormitories, laboratories, workshops, lecture halls, classrooms, medical center, administrative building and more.

The ministry of education said the school will be a hub for talented tech-savvy, math and science enthusiast students.

It will enable students to hone in their talents and become ready to contribute to their country’s development.

After inaugurating the school, PM Abiy said Ethiopia needs more talent academies to cope with the pace of technological advancement in the world.

“To reap the economic & other benefits of technology, it is imperative that Ethiopia produces professionals with advanced knowledge in the field,” Abiy noted.

“We need more talent development centers so that talented young people can help their country become technologically competent while developing their skills and pursuing their passion,” he added.

The premier also expressed his appreciation to local residents who made contributions to the school construction.

Those “who contributed in various ways from the beginning to the end of the school’s development deserve gratitude,” he said.

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