Police seize vehicles and arrest 33 people


According to Alemayehu Ayaleke, Director of the Criminal and Traffic Accident Investigation Directorate, the Addis Ababa Police Department has established an investigation and monitoring team based on a research to prevent traffic theft and prosecute violators.

According to Commander Alemayehu, seven of the stolen vehicles were discovered in Addis Abeba, while the remaining 15 were apprehended in Hawassa and a tiny village 100 kilometers away and returned to Addis Abeba today. 

According to him, 33 Addis Abeba residents and 14 Hawassa residents were involved in the theft, purchase, and distribution of stolen vehicles.

According to Commander Alemayehu, an investigation indicated that the culprits were involved in the theft of the vehicle’s key vehicle for a variety of reasons, including gaps in the parking lot.

He congratulated the Federal Police and the Sidama National Regional State Police Commission for their contributions to the project’s success.


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