Police Seized 5,500 Liters of Petrol from Smugglers

ADDIS ABABA – Police on Sunday seized more than 5,500 liters of benzene that was being illegally transported in Southern Ethiopia.

Halaba Kulito Town administration police seized the fuel in an operation they launched after receiving a tip-off from the public, according to ENA.

The truck carrying 5, 5200 liters of benzene started its journey from Shashemene Town and was on the way to the Wolita route.

It was, however, intercepted at Halaba Kulito Town’s Wanza Ber Kebele around 01:00 A.M. last night, said Chief Sergeant Shukrela Sugato.

Both the driver and the truck, with a  3-55485 A.A. license number, are currently in police custody.

Investigation into the case is now ongoing, chief Sergeant Shukrela, extending his appreciation to the public for their contribution to the seizure of the contraband fuel.

Benzene and naphtha of petroleum is one of the contraband commodity fleet from Ethiopia at the border area in the south, south east or west.

Reports say the volume of petroleum crossing the border is growing from time to time which directly reflects negatively on the local market.

The main reason for that is that the Ethiopian government is subsidizing the product. The subsidy makes the product significantly cheaper than the price in neighboring countries’ markets, according to the reports.

Ethiopia allocates almost a similar proportion of foreign currency income secured from export earnings to oil import.

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