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Premier Implementation business joins Axum

Axum announced that it has acquired implementation capacity to expand its suite of services to further serve clients for greater impact.

Steve Kisakye, Winnie Wambugu, and the full staff complement of the entity formerly known as Dalberg Implement, have joined Axum, an Afrocentric impact firm dedicated to fostering inclusive growth across the Global South.

This move comes in response to existential risks that the world is facing that call for rapid shifts in the impact sector, including in the creation of innovative, locally-driven solutions. By joining forces, Axum will amplify impact and empower communities on a larger scale by leveraging combined expertise in collaborative and sustainable initiative-building.

Edwin Macharia, Global Managing Partner at Axum and Steve Kisakye, Global Managing Director at Dalberg Implement

This will establish Axum as a premier impact firm focused on the Global South with a combined strength of 10 partners and over 70 staff with blended capabilities in strategy, program design, and implementation as well as innovative financing. Collectively, this aggregates over 150 years of localized leadership experience in designing and implementing successful and sustainable solutions, having served clients across more than 50 countries in Africa, and 100+ in the world.

“This is a significant leap forward for us and aligns with our ambitions to scale our initiative-building capabilities while retaining our deeply local and systemic DNA that is built on a deep understanding of the development challenges within the communities we live in and serve. We are excited about the expansion of capabilities that we can harness by joining and strengthening Axum, and the amplified impact that we can achieve collectively, at a time when tackling global challenges requires speed, specificity, and tangibility” Steve Kisakye.

This amplifies the delivery of collaborative initiative building in regions where solutions that are alive and responsive to local realities will be the critical path to unlocking impact. It also creates a world-leading platform that will fully harness these capabilities by providing end-to-end support to both local and global players. It also provides much-needed capacity-building support to homegrown organizations, enabling them to grow into fully-fledged catalysts.

“This represents a significant milestone in building Axum to be the premier partner for governments, industry, civil society, funders, and investors seeking to drive systemic change. With our combined experience and expertise in Africa, the Middle East, and beyond, we offer a unique platform for getting things done. I could not be more excited about the journey ahead for us, and the impact to our communities” Edwin Macharia, Global Managing Partner at Axum.

Axum is an impact firm, working to envision a bold future, build movements, and bring visions to life in the Global South. The team is highly experienced at defining and building lasting solutions to the pressing challenges of social inclusion, economic transformation, investment facilitation, climate action, and technological innovation. The name Axum was derived from the ancient empire located across Africa and the Middle East, which was renowned for its innovation and global influence. It represents and recognizes what it means to support, shape, and amplify the Global South’s growth and voice in the world.

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