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Protests over alleged killing in Alamata turn violent, residents demand TPLF fighters’ withdrawal

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Addis Abeba – In the wake of peaceful demonstrations over the weekend by the residents of Alamata, who were protesting the alleged killing of an electricity worker by “TPLF militants,” one person was killed and another seriously injured.

Additionally, two more individuals sustained injuries the following day.

A resident, speaking on the condition of anonymity, informed Addis Standard that on 09 June, 2024, a demonstration involving thousands of participants took place in the town in response to the death of an electricity worker the previous day.

According to the resident, during the protest, one person was killed and another seriously injured, while two additional individuals were injured the following day.

Reinforcing the depth of local grievances, another resident speaking to Addis Standard anonymously indicated that the demonstrations called for the withdrawal of TPLF forces from Alamata and its surrounding areas.

The resident cited “fear and suffering inflicted by alleged kidnappings, killings, and torture” as motivations for the demand.

Hailu Abera, head of the Alamata city administration, echoed these concerns, highlighting the plight of residents and the brutality they face.

He informed Addis Standard that there has been an increase in kidnappings and killings in recent months, both in Alamata and the nearby town of Korem, with residents experiencing “torture and being forced to make payments for release.”

“The recent demonstration tragically resulted in another death and serious injuries,” Hailu stated. “The pleas for peace from Alamata cannot be ignored.”

In a statement issued in April 2024, the Amhara regional government called on the TPLF to “fully respect” the Pretoria Agreement and to “swiftly vacate the areas it recently occupied.”

A month ago, Lieutenant General Tadesse Werede, Vice President of the Tigray interim administration, announced that the administration in Raya, in southern Tigray, which needed to be dismantled, has collapsed, and the militant group has left the area.

“The focus is now on peacefully resolving the remaining issues,” he said.

However, Lt. Gen. Tadesse criticized the lack of visible action by the federal government in West Tigray, stating, “We will not allow another winter to pass without progress and refuse to be complicit in this inaction.”

Two weeks ago, the Tigray Interim Administration withdrew its forces from key areas to facilitate the return of internally displaced persons (IDPs).

Getachew Reda, President of the Tigray Interim Administration, announced on social media that Tigrayan forces have begun withdrawing from the villages of Garjale and Baqlo Manaqia near Alamata.

This move follows an understanding reached with the Ethiopian federal government and the Amhara administration, according to the president.

Getachew emphasized that the decision prioritizes the safe return of Tigrayan IDPs to their homes, in alignment with the implementation of the Pretoria Peace Agreement.

He also hinted at further actions to facilitate a larger-scale return of displaced Tigrayans.

Addis Standard’s repeated attempts to obtain the perspective of the Tigray region by contacting Haftu Kiros, the administrator of the South Tigray Zone, were unsuccessful. AS

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