A Partial Documentation of Casualties Following Assassination of Oromo Vocalist Hachalu Hundessa

Compiled by: The National Movement of Amhara (NaMA) ( Read the report in PDF )

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  1. Dr habtamu

    Well comprehensive. Thank you nama

    1. ጀማነህ ሙላቱ

      አማራ እንደ ህዝብ ለአለፉት ሃምሳ ዓመት ገደማ የገጠመው ችግር ከጊዜ ወደ ጊዜ እየተወሳሰበ እና መጠነ ሰፊ ፍጅት እየደረሰበት መሆኑ ባግባቡ ተሰንዶ አጥፊዎቹ በህግ እንዲጠይቁ ማድረግ እና ድርጊቱንም ለታሪክ ይቀመጥ ዘንድ አብን የሚያደርገውን ጥረት አጥብቆ እንዲቀጥል የበኩሌን ድጋፍ በምችለው አደርጋለሁ።

  2. Ermeyas

    Good Job ! I want encourage and I appreciate you from the beginning until present what you are doing in Ethiopia politics.

    And keeping go on to work and struggles to the people of Amhara and entire All Ethiopian citizens!!


  3. Nathan D.

    Call Of The Most Forgotten And Abused Identity In Contemporary Ethiopia
    By. Nathan Debebe MD Sept 3/2020

    Because of the sociopolitical and economic reasons, people have been moving throughout the county for most of our history. Having settlements, wealth and family, these people developed a unique sociological make up and sense of identity.
    Now that the current politics of this country is being solely obsessed with the primordial stratification of local ethnicity, it left no room for these kind of citizens. In the current local ethnic autonomous lands, people speaking same language and have same morphology and racial linage are the prime ‘owners’ of the place, other sort of demographic and cultural diversity of people living in that place isn’t recognized, in fact alienated with a name tag of a ‘stranger’. Blessings and good wills of the local ethnicity or the ‘owners’ is a mandatory act for others to survive. Even if they are speaking the local language with the native, racial clarity is a must. No wonder whenever there is a violence, these people are the primary target in every corner of the country, they are victims of the burning and manslaughters and the most sad fact being, left with no choice but to stay in the crime scene, nowhere to go. They got no political representation or formal ways of accommodations in the system.
    The ‘amazing’ sociological and political evolution of Ethiopia created ‘stateless’ people in their own country!!
    Most race based politicians claim that exact opposite had also happened in our country. Well that might be true or false depending on the perspective and the motive we examine history.
    Here is the fact, there is no triumph in living/struggling for opposites. It only adds different victims in a different era, in any case, a human. If we learned one thing from history it has to be this. The last thing we need now is another loss of lives. No nation in the world throughout history won problems we have now by dividing internally and by hate speeches of political gamblers.
    We have already lost Eritrea and Djibouti and has became landlocked and yet working tiresomely in making territories and racial segregation for further division. China has already 1.4 billion population, 18% of the world, and yet claiming Hong Kong and Taiwan in one China policy. How important and valuable must the power of solidarity and common understanding be in a variety of human communities?
    I bet there are no nations and nationalities or strangers of Ethiopia but a gigantic ethnicity called POVERTY.

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