Role of eyes in your personality

By: Prof. Abdul Shakoor Shah

According to researchers, when people are engaged in an interesting conversation, their eyes are focused on their partner’s face about 80% of the time, focusing on the eyes for 2 to 3 minutes, then moving down to the nose or lips. Then back towards the eyes. Occasionally, they look at the table for a moment, and then look at the eyes. The technique of eye reading dates back to 3,000 years ago in Chinese tradition, but its origins are as old as the creation of the eyes themselves. Ideally, the distance between your eyes should be an eye-width apart. But we have less (closed eyes) or more (wide eyes). To judge eye size, look at your face compared to the rest of your features. Do your eyes (without any makeup) look bigger or smaller? A bit subjective etc? Look at the corners and center of your eyes. Observe how the eyelids move around them. Almond shaped eyes taper gradually and give your eyes an almond shape. Round eyes, on the other hand, are very wide in the center, and roll in abruptly. The almond-shaped eyes meet at the corners at the top, widen slightly in the middle, and become almond-shaped at both ends. are connected. People with this type of eye shape are calm and cautious, and are able to deal with negative situations. They have the ability to remain cool despite high stress and anxiety levels, and are known for their warm and kind natures. They want to live a balanced, prosperous life. Open and wide-eyed people show a care-free, adventurous approach to life.

                They are eager to try their hand at novel, challenging tasks and readily choose to participate in unusual, engaging activities. Their happiness lies in the unknown and they find it seemingly easy to adapt to change. They are often emotional, normal, don’t resort to lifestyles, and appreciate the spontaneity life has to offer. Although people with closed eyes are focused and disciplined, they do not adapt well to change or stress. They seem content with a routine and often get upset under pressure. Their eye for detail ensures that they do well in their work, and their energy makes it easy for them to get along with others. Eye tilt is another indicator of personality. Those whose eyes stick out of their sockets, or turn downwards, are loyal and friendly. They are shy and dependent and spend most of their time with their loved ones. However, if not addressed, their pessimistic outlook can be a hindrance. Apart from shape and distance, the size of one’s eyes can also reveal aspects of their personality. Round-shaped eyes are generally more creative; however, their heightened imagination can lead to impractical, intrusive ideas. On the other hand, they find it easy to draw attention to themselves and often fall in love with a large group of people. Individuals with eyes deep in their sockets are usually of a more romantic nature. However, there is an air of mystery surrounding them. Don’t know from although they are anxious and pessimistic, they are also friendly and sensitive. Individuals with upward-tilted eyes are determined, motivated and enthusiastic. However, their goal-oriented nature can sometimes get the best of them. They are also outgoing in nature and enjoy mingling with others. People with small eyes are practical, calculating, and thorough. They are highly focused, not easily distracted. Large eyes are associated with passion and creativity, and those with such eyes are more empathetic. These people choose their heart over their brain when making decisions. Those who keep their eyes closed are very traditional by nature. They are united in their love for their roots, old traditions and history. They love to follow every little ritual of their ancestors and family. Unfortunately, this also means that they are very resistant, even stressed, to small changes in their lives. They like to know things in depth, even if you are telling a story. They are also much focused, disciplined, detail-minded people, with a bit of a temper, but ultimately very successful. Prominent eyes are often referred to as bulging or bulging eyes. And they look as if they are coming out of the face, while deep set the eyes are slightly hollow, and appear sunken.

                People with this eye type are often very sensitive and like to surround themselves with a protective circle of close friends and associates. Still, many people find them very approachable, warm-hearted and friendly, as they love to meet new people. However, they are easily distracted and quite frustrated. We cannot, for example, control the size of our pupils, so body language experts determine much of a person’s appearance from eye-related factors to assess the situation. Eyeballs are the part of our body language that we have virtually no control over. Dilated pupils show interest and attention. As a tip, when you’re talking to a friend about something interesting, keep an eye on their pupil and keep checking its size. The individual’s interest is waning. Effective eye contact is essential for effective communication and communication. Constant eye contact and the lack of it both have different demands. We need to know the difference between eye contact and staring. There are various reasons for avoiding eye contact; they can be shy, evasive, shy, inattentive, attractive, lack of confidence or lying. In most cultures around the world, crying is an extreme emotional experience. The reason is considered. Usually, it is associated with sadness or grief, although often extreme experiences of joy, and through humor, can cause us to cry. Often, in addition to our natural need to blink to gain sympathy or to deceive others, our emotions and feelings for the person we are talking to cause us to unconsciously change our blink rate. On average, we blink more than 6-10 times per minute. Men and women blink at about the same rate, but for left-handed people, the direction signals may be reversed. Up and right. Avoid looking away – this is a universal sign of boredom and dismissal.

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