Ruling Party Holds First Emergency General Assembly in Hawassa

ADDIS ABABA – Members of the General Assembly of Prosperity Party (PP) have convened in Hawassa city for their first emergency meeting.

The party said the main objective of the emergency session is to address the issues raised by the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) regarding the first general assembly.

The General Assembly of the party in March elected Abiy Ahmed as the president of the party and 225 members as members of the Central Committee. 45 members of the CC were also elected to serve on the Executive Committee of the PP.

However, the national board disclosed in September that some irregularities were observed during the elections including the Control and Inspection Commission that organized the party’s leadership elections.

Members of the commission presented “as elected were not elected by the general assembly” as per the party’s bylaw and county’s Electoral proclamation No. 1162/2019, said the board.

“As a result,” the board called on the party to “call an emergency General Assembly within four months to elect the Control and Inspection Commission members.”

The board also ordered PP to submit its amended bylaw clearly defining the minimum number of participants in the General Assembly, and the selection and nomination process of the party’s president and vice president.

The party also ordered to issue and submit a guideline regarding the nomination process of the members participating in the election on behalf of the party. 

As per the NEBE’s direction, the party is holding its first emergency session at Hawassa in the presence of its President, deputy presidents, and members of both the executive and the central committees.  

The party said the general assembly would respond to the NEBE’s directions and address some issues raised about the last assembly.

“The party accepted the correction call of NEBE and commenced the general emergency session,” PP announced on Social media.  

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