Safaricom Ethiopia claims that 4 million people utilise it

The telecom service provider announced that it had over 4 million members in the short time since it started functioning in Ethiopia.

During the first half of FY2024, the 07 network and services expanded to 254 small communities and villages and 26 big and medium cities, covering 30% of the population.

Infrastructure rollout has received a lot of attention and importance; to date, 2057 network sites have been built, with a monthly pace of 150 new towers added at an expedited rate.

Its distribution system has expanded to 53K airtime selling shops, 5.5K Sim selling agents outfitted with Biometric EKYC technology, and 15 bank partnerships to offer airtime digitally in order to better serve our clients.

By the time it got its licence for Mobile Financial Service in May 2023 and activated it in August of the same year, it had 1.2 million registered customers. In order to support the Mobile Financial Services Ecosystem, 12 Local Banks have also linked with its systems to offer Super Agency, Retail Agency, and Trust Fund Account services.
Voice services make up the second largest portion of our total revenue, followed by data revenue.

The company is actively pursuing the banking and telecom industries, according to Wim Vanhelleputte, the new CEO, who made this announcement during a press conference held today at the company main office located at Wollo Sefer .

In addition to telecom, the CEO claims that the finance sector has 1.2 million customers. Furthermore, he asserted that 35% of Ethiopians can presently utilise the sophisticated telecom infrastructure provided by Safaricom Ethiopia.

2,000 telecom tower infrastructures are currently under the corporation’s operation around the country.

According to the corporation, as of September 30, 2023, over 4.1 million consumers had signed up for its GSM services. Its fast data has gained popularity due to its dependability and speed, with each subscriber using 4.3GB of data.

The CEO predicts the figure will reach 7,000 in the next two years.

He said that up to two billion dollars would be allocated to carry out the above-mentioned objectives under the approved proposal.

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