Several Towns, Key Areas liberated from TPLF forces, reveals PM Office

ADDIS ABABA – The Office of Prime Minister on Wednesday said Ethiopian National defense force in collaboration with Amhara region security forces have liberated several areas and towns from Tplf forces.

In Shoa Front, Mezezo, Molale, Shoa Robit, and Rasa areas liberated from TPLF forces, say the PM office.

The office also says Jama Degollo, Wereillu, Genete, Finchoftu, Aqesta towns have been liberated from TPLF forces in Wereillu Front.

In Gashena battlefront, Arbit, Aqet, Dibiko, Dabo, Gashena towns cleared off TPLF fighters and under ENDF and Amhara forces.

Previously the government announced Kasagita, Burqa, Waiima, Chifra, Chiftu, Dire Ruqa, Alele Sulula towns have already been liberated from TPLF fighters.

“Government administration reinstalled and rehabilitation works commenced,” said the PM office.

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