Shega launches DFS Ethiopia Hub

Shega, one of the leading Ethiopian media, data, intelligence, and advisory firms, announced the launch of the DFS (Digital Finance Service) Ethiopia Hub, an innovative platform designed to provide comprehensive data, insights, and resources into the finance sector in Ethiopia.

Developed by Shega, the hub is part of the three-year AKOFADA (Advancing Knowledge on Financial Accessibility and DFS Adoption) project, which aims to improve financial inclusion by enhancing the knowledge base of stakeholders, supporting relevant services to end users, and building trust and confidence in digital financial services.

The launch event was held today at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, with officials, local and international players, and various stakeholders in attendance.

The DFS Ethiopia Hub represents a significant step forward in Shega’s mission of empowering individuals and businesses with comprehensive data and insights. Leveraging innovative technology and quality data and content, the platform aims to redefine how we understand and deliver digital financial services, facilitating more informed decision-making as well as supporting the deepening of financial inclusion in rural and underserved areas.

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