Team Ethiopia Ranks Third in Huawei ICT Competition Regional

ADDIS ABABA – A team of Ethiopian university students finished third in the regional Huawei ICT competition.

The annual competition brought together 30 teams from Ethiopia, Mali, Cameroon, Senegal, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, and Morocco in Tunis last week.

Ethiopia was represented by three teams competing in three different categories – cloud track, computing track, and network track.

The team in the computing track won third place, following Morocco and Tunisia.

Huawei awarded the students with its latest mode mobile phone while the rest of the participants were given Huawei tablets for their participation. The company also acknowledged the instructors for supporting their students.

The students in the third-ranked team are two from Addis Ababa Science and Technology University and one from Arbaminch University.

Per Huawei Public Relations Director Liming Ye, the event offers the students a platform to compete healthily, exchange ideas, and enhance their ICT knowledge and practical skills.

Huawei will continue to provide them with more opportunities which will increase their ability to innovate by using new technologies and platforms, said Ye.

All winning students will partake in the Huawei ICT Competition finals set to take place in China this year.

More than 20,000 students from 500 universities are expected to participate in the final event – a competitive ICT talent exchange event designed for global college students.

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