Temesgen Replaces Demeke as VP of Ethiopia’s Ruling Party

ADDIS ABABA – Temesgen Tiruneh has replaced Demeke Mekonnen as vice president of Ethiopia’s ruling Prosperity Party.

The central committee of the party has approved the appointment of Temesgen with a majority vote on Friday.

The move follows a unanimous vote to bid farewell to Demeke – who resigned from the VP position – on the final day of the committee’s five-day meeting.

Temesgen, director of the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS), has now assumed one of the two VP positions at the party.

Adem Farah currently holds the other VP of the ruling party led by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

Deputy Premier and Foreign Minister Demeke has been serving as the VP of the Prosperity Party since its formation.

The party came into existence ln ate 2019 following a merger of three of the four ethnic-based parties in the former ruling coalition EPRDF. The merger also involved parties that previously had a secondary status.

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