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The 8th Ethio Health conference and expo will feature over 90 companies

The “Ethio Health” international conference, which focuses on the value chain of healthcare, medical equipment, and pharmaceuticals, will be held for the eighth time by Prana Events. There will be participation from companies from twelve different nations, including Algeria. The conference will be held in Millennium Hall in Addis Ababa from7 _9March 2024.

This year’s event is funded by the Algerian government’s Ministry of Trade and Expenditure and is organised by Tasdir, a branch of the Algerian Export and Trade Fair Company (Safecus). There will be more than 90 businesses there representing 12 nations, including Algeria.

This conference is expected to play a significant role in the sector’s growth by bringing new suppliers and technologies to our country, sharing knowledge and technology, and establishing connections in the market that will boost trade and open up new opportunities for the sector’s participants.

Nebyu Lemma,

The manager of Prana Events, Nebyu Lemma, stated Ethio Health brings together business leaders and healthcare professionals to foster constructive discussion about how to improve the quality and accessibility of healthcare services as well as answers to the industry’s drug supply issues. It has been said that this situation has allowed the role of the private sector to grow.

He also claimed to be Ethiopia’s only venue for health-related special meetings, where producers, importers, agents, and service providers may concurrently market their products and services to more than 4,000 medical professionals and members of the business community.

According to the organisers, more than 4000 health professionals and industry stakeholders are expected to network with leaders in the global market as well as a few local enterprises.

As said by Nibyu The Ethio Health Conference this year is unique in that it provides medical professionals from all backgrounds with the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and abilities, and speakers from the field will address a variety of topics. It is a collection of venues for advancement in Ethiopia’s most important medical field.

Daniel Waktole

Daniel Waktole, the president of the Ethiopian Pharmaceuticals and Medical Supplies Manufacturers Association (EPMSMA), commended Ethio Health Exhibitions for putting on the show and urged other governmental organisations, the commercial sector, and development partners to collaborate in order to offer Ethiopian citizens high-quality healthcare services. In order to create a strong healthcare system, Daniel stressed the importance of multi-sectoral and multi-stakeholder interactions and cooperation.

There are twice as many CPD hours available at this year’s Ethio Health conference as there were last year, with over 40 points available in the areas of primary healthcare, radiology, imaging and diagnostics, clinical excellence, and patient safety. It states that it will be offered in collaboration with 20 professional associations in the fields of primary healthcare, dentistry, and medicine (pharmacy).

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