The former police chief of Gambella and his deputy are being detained in relation to homicides

In addition to the former police commissioner and his deputy for the Gambella district, twelve security men were held. Because “they had killed individuals and perpetrated atrocities,” the state administration jailed a number of security personnel and ordinary citizens.

Militants from “Oneg Shene” and the Gambella Liberation Front (GANG) have been accused of “managing” the responses to the attack in Gambella town in June of last year. Abula Ubang, the former deputy of Tut Kor as the commissioner of the Gambella Regional Police, was also detained.

In the same attack that the two armed groups carried out in the capital of the Gambella area, at least seven individuals were killed, according to a report released in September by the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission.

The commission reported in the same document that 50 civilians had died two days in a row after the strike. In the same report, which the government’s human rights agency released after a month-long investigation, he claimed that the executions of victims were “individually and en masse,” “extrajudicial.”

According to eyewitness testimony, the Commission designated the security officers in the Gambella region as the “primary culprits” in its findings.

The Gambella Regional Government declared the claims in the study to be “baseless” following this ISMECO inquiry in a statement issued on September 22, 2015. Owing to the “lack of accountability and balance,” “judgement of the enemy,” and “violation of the citizens of Gambella’s fundamental right to self-defense” in the report;The state government “does not approve and condemns” in the same statement.

Abula Ubang, a former regional police commissioner who had been the deputy head of the bureau’s cultural sector before the attack in June, was detained in 2015. He was on March 15 last Friday. Around the time of the incident in June, Tut Kor, the region’s deputy police commissioner, was also appointed the Gambella Regional Sports Commission’s commissioner.

Three security personnel were also held in addition to the police commissioners; five of them, according to information obtained from the Federal Police, are Lt. Colonels.

Security personnel holding the titles of Inspector General and Deputy Inspector are among those held. According to information released by the Gambella Regional Government Media Affairs Office last Friday, it described the 13 people who had been detained as “leaders of the security forces and citizens.”

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