The Lawmaker questions the prime minister’s “resignation” ideas

At today’s parliamentary session, Christian Tadel, a spokesman for the opposition Amhara National Movement questioned Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on his intentions to “relinquish his power.”

How prepared are you to address questions relating to crimes against humanity, crimes of genocide based on identification, ethnic cleansing, and identity theft? He also asked the prime minister a question. The following are Christian’s points and inquiries:

“Honorable Prime Minister, when you are questioned in this council or in other places about yourself or the executive administration you preside over, you encourage remarks that degrade the askers rather than responding to the question. When you were asked to leave in the recent past, you reacted as if it were because they hated the country you came from.

Distinguished Monsieur le Premier, I’m not asking about my nation. I don’t want to ask you this in a way that would be disrespectful to the nation you represent.

I might not respond and provide an explanation by saying, “I would like to trust your nation when answering a question,” “It’s a coup attempt.

“The safety of its citizens and the maintenance of national sovereignty should be the government’s top priorities, but because of their identity, some citizens are killed by security forces, forced from their homes, and have their property destroyed.

The armies of the neighbouring countries attacked large stretches of Ethiopia’s northwest and southwest borders, violating its sovereignty.

In its report, the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission added to what had already been said, as did the honourable council members who spoke before me;

In the report, it made the following statements about persons who were killed by the government’s security forces, as well as about crimes against human rights, the demolition of homes, murders, and evictions.

The safety of the people and the sovereignty of the country are currently under the greatest threat, in our opinion, from the government you preside over.

Even while you may assert that Ethiopia won’t fall, in actuality, both Ethiopia and Ethiopianism are growing weary of your rule.

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