The only time when a goalkeeper was sent off in an UEFA Champions League final

Back in the 2005/06 season of the UEFA Champions League there were some really powerful teams. Certainly those were great times to visit and make all sorts of wagers. The final of that competition came, and the teams that would face each other in that instance were:

  • FC Barcelona;
  • and Arsenal.

The Catalan team was extremely powerful back then. It had some impressive names such as Samuel Eto’o, Ronaldinho, Andrés Iniesta and many others. Certainly with a team like this, if it were to play now, nobody would miss the chance to bet on the 1xBet website. It is also worth remembering that a young Lionel Messi was just starting his career back then. However, he was unavailable for the match due to physical problems.

How did the match progress

In general the match was quite even from the beginning. Back then, not only both teams had excellent players. They also had excellent coaches. The Catalans were coached by Frank Rijkaard, while the British squad was coached by the legendary Arsene Wegner. If those coaches were active now, making 1xBet – live betting Kenya would certainly be an excellent thing to do.

Jens Lehmann was chosen as the best goalkeeper of the tournament so far. However, everything in the interest of his team would come crashing down at the 18th minute of the first half. This is because Samuel Eto’o took the ball and went on to face the German goalkeeper. Lehmann came out of the box and desperately tried to stop the Cameroonian. However, he brought him down. The referee didn’t have any doubt. Red card for the keeper, and his team would need to play more than 70 minutes with 1 player less. With a match of this quality, making 1xBet Kenya live betting is certainly a great option.

Everything went on Barcelona’s favor after that

Arsene Wegner didn’t have much choice. He needed to take someone out of the pitch in order to bring Manuel Almunia, the substitute goalkeeper. Wegner decided to take out none other than Robert Pires, who was one of the key attacking players for the team. If Pires would play today, to download app 1xBet to bet on him would certainly be an excellent choice.

Arsenal fought hard with 10 men. They even managed to score the first goal of the match. However, after that, everything went in Barcelona’s favor. Goals from Samuel Eto’o and Belletti were definitely what sealed Arsenal’s fate in that match. Currently, those who want to bet on the UEFA Champions League can always make the app 1xBet download procedure and get tons of wagering options.

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