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The PM fires State Minister of Peace Taye Dendea Aredo

The Prime Minister’s Office announced the dismissal of State Minister of Peace Taye Dendea Aredo in a two-sentence letter.

Taye was given this responsibility by the PM two years ago.

Two days earlier, Taye had voiced her disapproval of the government’s decision to prohibit protests that were organised by an opposition party demanding an end to the ongoing conflict in Ethiopia.

Following receipt of the PM’s resignation letter, Taye sharply denounced PM Abyi, labelling him conceited and unloving of peace.

He claimed that because he called for peace rather than war, the PM had removed him from his position.

And he called the prime minister, who was betting on the Oromo people to be destroyed, along with his own brothers.

He wrote a letter of grievance specifically for the PM, which he posted on Facebook.

“To the Right Honourable Abiy Prime Minister

I adopted your belief system by accepting the inclusion you expressed in your writings. But now I see that you are barbarians who play with human blood rather than living up to your words. Because I thought it was true, I supported you  in continuing the pointless war they were waging in order to keep their nation alive, a war that killed Ethiopians and ultimately brought about their destruction. And you gave me credit for it.

Now that I know the truth, you sacked me from my job because I demanded peace and denounced the murder of fellow citizens.

.. I’m glad I can’t keep quiet in order to maintain my position of authority, and I showed my disapproval by witnessing your risky plan to battle the Oromo with his own brothers and destroy Oromo by the Ormos.

I thank you for  of our short stay .

For as long as I live, I will fight for global peace and human brotherhood.” His post on Facebook says this.

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