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ThinkYoung and Boing teach 70 Ethiopian kids about AI and drone technology

Seventy students from various schools attended the brief training that was offered for four days.

According to ThinkYoung, a well-known organisation for youth development, and Boeing, a significant aerospace company, the 20th Edition of the ThinkYoung Coding School, which was hosted in Ethiopia, was a success.

The programme is a component of ThinkYoung and Boeing’s dedication to assisting Ethiopia in achieving its objective of providing at least 70% of its population with basic digital skills and providing young Ethiopians who want to be a part of the digital future with a transformative opportunity.

The ThinkYoung Coding School, in partnership with Boeing, provided students with the opportunity to speak with professionals in the digital industry to learn about the rapidly evolving tech environment and the skills required to succeed in the future. They were given the opportunity to seek employment in these industries while also expanding their understanding of coding and STEM abilities.

In the most recent iteration, a group of 70 students participated in a demanding training programme with exercises including robotics, drone workshops, and programming, with STEM professionals providing the instructions.

The partnership between Think Young and Boeing has taught over 600 hundred students since the program’s beginning in Africa; 600 of these students will enrol in coding school programmes in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Ruanda in 2023, improving the lives of many young people.

ThinkYoung Coding School’s 14th iteration was held in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia, from June 30 to July 3, 2022, where the participating adolescents learned how to code through ThinkYoung’s boot camp.

Every year, more than 60% of the students at the ThinkYoung Coding School are female and eager to master the basics of coding and other computer languages. The project intends to dispel long-held misconceptions about a male-dominated Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry and give young women the chance to work in it. The programme wants to provide young female pupils with female role models.

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