UN Rights Special Session on Ethiopia, Scheduled without Africans backing, Likened to ‘Berlin Conference’

ADDIS ABABA – Some likened the UN human rights Council special session on Ethiopia this week to ‘Berlin Conference’ after the name list of 50 countries that called on the meeting become public.

No African nation has backed European Union-led petition that led the Council to hold the special session, indicates the list, which is dominated by 40 European nations along with the likes of United States, Canada and Australia.

“Ladies and Gentlemen the 2022 edition of the Berlin Conference looks like this,” tweeted Deress Getachew, referencing the 1885 Conference held by European countries to plan their eventual colonisation of Africa.

“Not a single African or Afro Caribbean nation is present here. White folk are going to have their audience on Ethiopia,” he added.

Henock, another tweep, asked “When does #Ethiopia became a member of #EU countries? Or is it the 2nd coming of #Berlin conference, the scramble to subjugate an #African country like #Ethiopia”.

“All Africans should be aware of this move and denounce,” he added.

Another one also said the list shows neither the special session nor European Union’s request has the backing of Africa.

“This means non-Africans will once again discuss an African issue and put their own prescriptions on Africa without the presence of Africa,” he said.

Mika Chavala also underscored the lack of African support to the EU-sponsored Special Session and wrote,

“No African country signed the petition to request the convening of a special session on UNSC on human rights issues in ETHIOPIA. African countries seem to be in solidarity with #Ethiopia.”

The timing of EU’s request for the UN rights council to hold the special session om Ethiopia has also been questioned.

After months of silence, EU officials including its Foreign Affairs commissioner Joseph Borrell in recent days started to express their “concerns” about Ethiopia.

“Borrell, you have been so silent for the past 6 months when TPLF destroyed public infrastructure in Amhara & Afar regions; massacred, raped & displaced civilians,” tweeted a man by the name of Stranger.

“What went wrong, & you/your incompetent team decided to talk about Ethiopia again? Maybe because TPLF is losing?,” he added.

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