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Washington Update – Mesfin Mekonen

The recent violence, including killing, beating and the destruction of property of innocent Amhara and Agew civilians in western Benishangul-Gumuz region, which borders Sudan, TPLF soldiers and militia in Mai-Kadra on November 12 massacre; Metekel region, Shashmenne and Addis Ababa region by the extremists group must be condemned by all peace-loving people. The government must investigate the root cause of this violence and bring to justice to the criminals who participated in these crimes.

Abiy government has been under pressure at least for the past two years for failing to maintain the rule of law in Ethiopia
U.S. Congress is concerned about Sudanese invasion in Ethiopia territory. They said that “are aware of the situation and looking into it.  It is not so clear, however, that there was an incursion into Ethiopian territory, although al-Fashqa has been cultivated by Ethiopian farmers. “
Press freedom and human rights groups are highlighting the arrest and demanding the release of Eskinder Nega, a writer, editor and human rights and democracy activist.
The government of Ethiopia can achieve real progress if Ethiopia embraces a different kind of federation — territorial and not ethnic — where rights in a federal unit are dispensed not on the basis of ethnicity but on residence. Such a federal arrangement will give Ethiopians a chance to avoid authoritarian dictatorship.
After the immediate conflict has been calmed, Ethiopians must take steps to avoid future conflicts with in its province.
Peace and stability depend on abandoning the ideology of ethnic division and launching a project to revise the Ethiopian constitution. The present constitution was created to exacerbate ethnic divisions. It will lead to the destruction of Ethiopia.
In his opening remarks to a December 3 hearing of the House Africa Subcommittee on the crisis in Ethiopia, Rep. Chris Smith stressed the importance of Ethiopia, called for a return to peace, and said that long-term stability requires dismantling the system of ethnic division that was created by the TPLF regime. “It is my belief that Ethiopia is one of the two most strategically significant countries in Africa–Nigeria being the other one–and what happens there is amplified throughout the region,” he said. “
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