You are currently viewing Wingu.Africa will oversee the management of Ride Data Centre Services

Wingu.Africa will oversee the management of Ride Data Centre Services

Today, Ride, which is run by Hybrid Design, and the British company Wingu Dot Africa signed a contract to run this service to make data more quickly and securely available, including call centres.
The data centre service provided to a company with industry experience, according to Ride Manager Mrs. Samrawit Fikru, will help Ride in its job.
“Occasionally, our data is disrupted. That wastes both the time of our loyal customers and the drivers we hire. We have decided that Wingu will secure its services while consolidating our database and providing them to us.

As a result, she said, “we don’t waste time on the data center’s service, and it helps us do a better job of matching the transport seeker with the transport provider by phone or application.”

According to Nicholas Lodge, Chief Strategy Officer at Wingu, we are happy to collaborate with Ride, a business with a strong reputation in Ethiopia and thousands of employment opportunities.
“For more than ten years, we have provided the data centre service in Djibouti. In addition, we are working with Safaricom and Ethiopian banks. Numerous thousands of individuals call Ride every hour to request its services. The messaging is transmitted quickly. We took care of this and utilised the tele infrastructure supplied by the government to provide Ride customers with ever-faster service without requiring them to leave their homes. We’ll do every effort to provide them with solid service,” he promised.

Wingu currently has facilities in Djibouti City, Djibouti; and Nairobi, Kenya. As well as the Ethiopia facilities and expanding its Nairobi location, the company says it has plans for additional data centers in Zambia, Tanzania, Mozambique, and Uganda.

The largest taxi reservation site in Ethiopia is Ride.It operates primarily in Addis Abeba.

Additionally, Ride, which offers transportation for hundreds of thousands of passengers, operates more than 30,000 vehicles.

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