Woman Gets Capital Punishment for Killing Two Children

ADDIS ABABA – A woman in Addis Ababa was sentenced to the death penalty after being found guilty of killing two children.

Federal High Court Lideta criminal bench passed the capital punishment on the woman named Hiwot Mekonnen on Monday.

In a statement today, the Ministry of Justice Hiwot killed the two children inside a house where she was working as a maid

The crime happened on Sept 1, 2022, inside a house located near the Arabssa Condominium area of Addis Ababa.

Federal prosecutors charged Hiwot with first-degree murder and intentionally destroying documents from the family of the victims on Sept 25, 2022. The defendant denied both charges and pleaded not guilty.

After hearing witnesses and evidence, the court found Hiiwot guilty of both charges and ordered her to defend herself. She, however, chose not to do so.

On Monday, the Federal High court heard the final arguments of the prosecutors who sought maximum punishment as well as the defendant’s plea for a reduced sentence.

The court finally sentenced her to capital punishment on both charges, stating the ruling would serve as a stern warning for others, reads MoJ statement.

The judge ordered for the convict to remain in the Kality Correctional facility until the execution of the court’s ruling, the statement states.

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